This website contains explicit images and discussion of sexuality, bondage and sadomasochistic sex. By using this website you agree that you are legally entitled to view this site in your country of residence (18 and greater in the UK). If you’re not, then leave the site immediately and move somewhere else!

This website is a collection of information and images from our experiences in BDSM. BDSM is used here in its broadest sense and encompases many things such as: bondage, master & slave scenes, rubber/lycra/leather fetishes, human dog training, enforced chastity and many other things across a broad spectrum that we enjoy.

This all started when we wanted an alternative to some of the gay profile sites that, whilst they have their uses, can be a bit prescriptive. Other sites have also become so draconian in their rules, as to essentially become a hinderance to free expression.

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