Dedicated playroom
Bondage chair
Bondage table
Master U Sling
Fetters suspension harness
Fucking machine
Venus milking machine
Spreader bar
Shibari Ring
Fetters suspension harness & mitts
Rubber sleepsack, Regulation
Vac Cube, Kink Engineering
Latex bed sheets
Multi purpose clamp thing
Doxy vibrating wand & sleeve

Steelworxx Steelheart
Carrara 2

Rubber (mostly all made-to-measure)
0.5mm black full suit, tit zips, STR
0.5mm red full suit, STR
0.45mm panel suit, Regulation
0.4mm rear zip surf suit, yellow trim, codpiece, STR
0.4mm black and yellow full suit, Libidex
Black and yellow hoodie, Libidex
0.2mm big boob suit, Fantastic Rubber
0.6mm black cycle suit, white stripe, Blackstyle
Helix suit, Latex 101
0.4mm custom black and yellow shorty suit, Latex Catfish
0.4mm black and red neck entry suit, Latex Catfish
0.4mm union jack cycle shorty suit, Latex Catfish
Transparent-black straightjacket, RubAddiction
Trisuit, Regulation
Shorty suit, Invincible
Transparent yellow “PISS” T shirt & jock, Invincible
Kilts: Fort Troff gladiator, Breathless pleated
Chaps suit red stripes, Invincible
Red striped jock, Invincible
Yellow striped jock, Regulation
Plain black jock, RoB
Zippered black shorts, Expectations
Plain black shorts, Black Body
Arseless black shorts, Recoil
Plain black shorts, Expectations
Sleeveless black T, Expectations
Black and red ‘samurai’ T, Breathless
Black jeans, Breathless
Black sleeveless american football top with yellow lacing, Invincible
Three quarter length rubber tights, yellow stripes & lacing, RoB.
Sleeveless black zip up T, RoB
Sheath shorts, Blackstyle
Misc rubber gloves & socks
Arm binder, Libidex

Regulation M2M R221s
Regulation gym shorts
Regulation M2M shirt

Speedo shorty swim suit, blue
Nike sprint suit, blue
Asics wrestling suit, red
Nike sprint suit, black
Epix Bionix Trisuit
Ben Swift Sky race suit
Yellow Adidas wrestling suit
Aussiebum wrestling suit
MMA shorts
Warwick rowers onesie

2XU P:1 Wetsuit

Yellow Adidas Combat Speed 4 boxing boots
Blue Adidas KO boxing boots
Patent Grinders
Rubber DMs
Side-zip 20 hole DMs
Pleaser 1020s

Dildo Arsenal
Butt plug: small, medium, large, pig hole (small, medium), clear tunnel plug, square peg egg plug (medium, large)
Dildo: small, large, huge, double ended, dildo gag
Inflatable x2
Metal ass hook
Speculum x2

Canvas and red straightjacket, No Escape
Full rubber body harness
H-harness, red, yellow, Regulation
Bulldog harness, Regulation
Leather wrist restraints, Master U
Leather ankle restraints, Master U
Red & yellow restraints, Regulation
Yellow latex ball mitts, Polymorphe
Combination irons, Fetters
Medical muzzle and restraints
Leather thigh restraints
Leather waist restraint belt
Suspension cuffs, Top To Bottom Leather
Posture Collar, Top To Bottom Leather
Gags: inflatable, plug, ball, breathe through, piss, dildo gag
Blindfolds: leather padded, rubber inflatable
Lockable butt plug harness
Hogtie snaps
Trigger clips
Locks: lots
Rope: lots

Mr S puppy muzzle
Mitts: leather, rubber
Collars: leather, rubber, steel, spiked, chain, heavy metal, rubber locking
Padded leather Fetters muzzle
Cerberus K9 sheath
Square peg puppy tail
Square peg show tail and harness
Dog bowls
Dog toys

Head trips
Gas mask: British S10 (x6), Russian, Yellow S10
Dual port S10, rubber backpack, Fetishak
StudioGUM M4-R
StudioGUM piss hood
Custom Master U fully-lined leather hood
Latex 101 open eyes and mouth hood
Polymorphe double thick rubber hood, mouth only
Polymorphe double thick rubber hood, mouth and open eyes
Rubber55 rebreather hood, transparent black
Rubber55 teardrop eye hood
Libidex yellow hood
Rubber full hood with detachable mouth & blindfold
Canvas lace up hood, full coverage
Gags (breath-through, plug, ball, bone, ring)
Micro laser cut total enclosure rubber hood (red and black)
Rebreather bags
Bubble bottles
Popper pot

Oxballs cock slings
Latex cock sheath x 2
Piss recycling latex cock sheath
Ball weights
Metal stretchers
Mr S CBT restraint jock
Cock rings
Cock straps
Leather ball stretchers
Sounds: 6F, 7F, 8F, small & large square peg silicone sounds
Cock pumping cylinders
Perspex CBT board, custom

Tit clamps
Rubber-ended scissor clamps
Tit cylinders
Clothes pegs

Floggers: leather, rubber
Riding crop
Oxballs SPYRO paddle
Spiked wheel

ET-312B power box
ET-302 remote controlled box
Butt plugs x 3 (small, medium, huge)
Electro conductive rope
Cock electrodes x 2
PES cornoa single-pole
Electro pads
Crocodile clips

Lubes: water, silicone, k-lube
Black latex gloves
Duck tape
PVC tape
Soya wax rainbow candles
Rubber shines
Dressing aid
Ear plugs