For us at any rate, chastity is all about control. Certainly Loki’sĀ temperamentĀ outside of being tied up is quite top-like, which doesn’t really suit that of a sub/slave/pup/boi. By controlling if and when he cums, this helps establish the BDSM hirearchy – put simply, if a slave is horny andĀ desperateĀ to cum it is likely he will do anything that will help achieve this!

We first experimented with a CB2000, but found this to be rather unsuitable for long term wear. As Loki has big puppy balls, the device tends to squash these up, and furthermore it’s quite easy to pull out the back of. There’s a specialĀ serratedĀ device to stop this, but this certainly results in a serious amount of pain with an erection. Certainly for a short period as part of a scene, they’re fine, but we wouldn’t recommend one without knowing that it fits you properly – the later versions of the CB series are apparently more comfortable, but we’re yet to try them. We also didn’t get on with the second version of the BirdlockedĀ device but maybe the original BirdlockedĀ is better.

As far as other chastity devices on the market, there are (as usual) plenty of different styles. If you’re keen on long term chastity I would say that it’s worth investing in a custom made device such as a CarraraĀ – I’ve recently got one and I’m not disappointed.

2015-10-31 19.18.27

For shorter term play as part of a bondage scene, you can getĀ chastity shortsĀ as well asĀ metal devicesĀ (especially good is the Samurai). These all have the added bonus of allowing your chastity slave near his genitals, but not able to touch them – theĀ frustrationĀ and teasing factor is priceless :)