So, you want to try puppy play? The first thing to do is get on your hands and knees (hereafter called paws), also note that dogs & pups cannot talk but they can bark, yelp and whimper :) I find puppy play an exceptionally loving form of BDSM – you seem to receive more attention and also can really focus on your trainer. It’s not often that you get to read and react to their body language in a BDSM scene.

There aren’t really any prerequisites when it comes to gear for puppy play, however, here are some bits you might like:

Butt plug tail
Get one these butt plug tails with a waggly tail attached – they feel absolutely fantastic as you move around and the sensations get transmitted back into your arse. Beware of the cheap ones that are rigid plastic though, definitely not as nice.
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No dog or pup can feel right without a collar. Often the very act of putting on a collar can cause a marked change of behaviour straight into pup mode. There are plenty of styles to choose from – rubber, leather, chain – choose one that you like. You can also get lockable ones.
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Pet stores do a good range in various chain link sizes, get one that suits the size of your pup. A few of the fetish shops do them now that have a black rubber handle on them – a bit more in keeping with the scene but ludicrously expensive for what they are.
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Dog Tags
A dog tag hung off the collar with the pup’s name and perhaps its owner is fantastic and can really make a pup feel special. You can get them from pet stores and many other places.
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Knee pads
If your pup spends any time on all fours, especially if it’s the concrete floor of a club or playroom, these are a necessity. Bear in mind they’re not normally designed for constant use on the knees and can bunch up round the back of the leg. You don’t have to buy the “fetish” ones – BMX, volleyball or DIY ones work just as well.
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Vital if playing down on your paws are leather (or rubber) fist mitts. These force the pup’s hand into a fist and can normally be locked on. Get a decent padded pair to reduce the impact on the pup’s knuckles and also so that they don’t wear out too quickly. You could also improvise with duck tape or boxing gloves.
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Ball stretcher
It seems odd but when you’re on all four paws, having a big heavy set of puppy balls swinging against your legs, it really puts you into the puppy mindset. Some people go for saline infusions to increase their balls to huge sizes – I’ve not tried it and it sounds a little risky :)
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These feel fabulous, and come in many styles, but they’re normally a head harness with a padded gag section to keep your pup’s mouth closed. They do really feel wonderful and you can justifiably spend the money on a decent leather one.
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For the well heeled pup and trainer with plenty of room – personally speaking, it has to be the really tough looking, welded steel cages. The collapsable chicken wire ones (although technically strong enough) don’t look or feel right. Don’t make it too big either.
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Dog bowl
A good, fun and cheap item that can really enforce the scene of being a puppy. Get either a stainless steel ones, or a ceramic one with “DOG” written on it. Make sure you can fit into it though, both in width and depth, just don’t get caught with your face in a bowl in the pet store!
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They’re cheap and good fun to chew on or chase. Avoid the furry/hairy ones, and try and get something that’s easy to pick up with pup’s mouth.
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Many think pups should be completely naked but many pups will identify with being rubber or leather pups. I think a rubber pup certainly looks very horny!
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If you’re a very well heeled rubber puppy, how about this amazing dogsuit?








You’re down on the floor, collar on, tail in, looking up attentively at your master and trainer – now what? A big part of puppy play (and I guess BDSM in general) are the scenes, environments and things you do whilst in character:

» Practice makes perfect
When starting out it’s a good idea to practice barking. Please don’t just say “WOOF”, that’s not what dogs do. Developing your bark is a big part of defining what sort of dog you are – big and gruff or small and yappy? Either way, if you’ve had a dog as a kid, you’ll know there are different sorts of bark – happy ones, exclamations, growls… What’s yours?

» Develop your doggy personality
Work out whether you’re a dog or a pup – maybe you’re a playful and mischievous puppy (Loki is the Norse god of mischief by the way – can you tell what I’m like?). Maybe when your trainer has you on a lead, you run around him all excited and tangle his legs up, chase after toys and not give them back, get bored and wonder off, sniff his crotch, jump up and lick his face…

» Training
Start off getting your pup to master some basic commands like: “SIT, STAY, DOWN, FETCH, LEAVE, DROP” and most importantly get him to master walking at “HEEL”. There are other key words you might like to throw in (maybe some tricks or the “SHOW” position), but start off slowly and get the pup to master them one by one – remember he might be playing dumb! Don’t be afraid to use some correction as well, however, a choke chain from pet stores can be dangerous, so it’s better to use a flogger or spank your pup.

» Fetch
Play fetch with your pup – throw toys and get him to return with it to you. Make sure he “DROP”s it when asked, or maybe even throw it and get him to “LEAVE” it alone. Plenty of room for pups to misbehave if they so wish.

» Dinner
Make your pup eat and drink from his bowl – avoid tinned dog food, it’s not meant for human consumption, but dry biscuits & crackers are good to start with. Pups only drink water, but human pups may also be rewarded with being allowed to drink their master’s piss.

» Making the transition
Build up with more and more time spent in full puppy mode, perhaps leading to an entire weekend. Make the pup sleep at the foot of the bed with his tail and mitts in or leave him caged overnight.