Rubber Drone

I recently completed my rubber drone ensemble which I’ve had a few questions about, so I’ll do my best to answer them. Base suit is from STR, feet, hands and from Blackstyle.

The S10 is a hard-to-find dual intake version. The standard version only has a port on the wearer’s left hand side, but some with intakes on both side were made, apparently for heavily contaminated environments or maybe simply to accommodate left-handed shooters. You can find them (and the not-so-nice in my opinion, FM12) on ebay – I spent £70, which did come with canisters and haversak, and the same amount again with Regulation* to fit a hood. Still comes in under a regular one, so I’m happy! I swapped out the lenses for mirrored polycarbonate I bought on eBay for £12. Hoses are standard NATO black ones, but I think I might get shorter ones.

The backpack is from Fetishak, who I’d not used before, but I found their great rubber breathing bag somewhere. I’d been lusting after the smell bag from Rubbers Finest for a long time, but I actually think the Fetishak version looks much better, and it’s way cheaper! It’s a shame they don’t do them in more colours (red and black only) but actually I’m very happy with the all black one. The bag has a zipper (so you can still breathe) but you can drop in a sponge of your favourite odour or just enjoy the amazing rubber smell.

Anyway, hope this helps someone recreate the look, enjoy the pictures and sorry about the silicone on the lens :)

A summer of adventure with Troy Orleans

Back in August, the stars aligned and I was lucky enough to get to play with Troy Orleans. Normally resident in New York with a playspace to die for she’s an amazing talent with rope, rubber and leather. I knew I had to try and meet with her.

We had a wonderful chat on the way to a rented playroom here in London, then a couple of hours of rubbery heaven. My first time trying an ‘inflatable’ and what better introduction than three layers of heavy rubber – my full suit, a rubber gimp suit with attached hood, inflatable gag, then a Studio Gum inflatable sleep sack on top, and of course, some electro to keep my attention :)

I’m planning my return trip to see that New York studio already.



Folsom Berlin 2017

We always enjoy going to Berlin and even more so during Folsom in September, even though it’s been a couple of years since we’ve last been during Folsom weekend itself.

What’s great about Folsom is the street fair on the Saturday – lots of of people all in gear, drinking beer, shopping, and eating wurst. What’s bad about it is what makes is good – it’s sooooo busy at times. Lots of the events, bars and evenings have queues and it can be quite difficult to meet up with everyone you want to.

And that brings me to one of my failings in life – I rarely seem to find time to play at nights, or with people in towns when there’s a big event on. I’m not sure why this is though, but perhaps it’s because most temporary playspaces just aren’t as good as ours at home, and I’m lazy?

Berlin is a bit of an exception though, at Quälgeist it’s a veritable playground. So with that in mind I thought I’d write up some of my goals for a couple of weeks time:

  1. Meet lots of people at the fair!
    I’ve already got a hitlist:



    If you’re not on it, give me a shout! It would be great to meet up even for beer & currywurst.
    Outfit: weather dependent, probably leather.

  2. Go to Qualgeist on the Friday night.
    Get tied to the bondage table and get groped by strangers.
    Do some public tying of something cute.Outfit tbd.
  3. Go to Lab’s rubber night on the Saturday night.
    Brave the piss pit with some other yellow fans.
    Fuck something twinky and random.
    Force @emsedonyk to service strangers.Outfit: yellow rubber, of course!
  4. Go shopping.
    That rubber doll outfit from Fantastic Rubber is calling…
    Go to Gear and all the other places around Fuggerstrasse.
  5. Do some public photography.
    I’d love to get some arty shots out and about in gear. Want to help?


We’ll be there Friday through Monday so lots of opportunities for relaxed catching up on the Sunday, when everything else is closed! Hit us up!


It was super fun to have a flying dog in the playroom. We’ve known Tyler for a couple of years and he makes a great rope bunny; I can’t believe this was only his second time in rope but here’s hoping there are many more :)


We had the honour back in April of entertaining bgslave who turned out to have an identical rubber wrestling suit* as us, which of course I just had see. Latex twins seems to be a thing for me at the moment ^_^

Rubber clones

Not quite the identical rubber clones, but they were pretty fun tied back-to-back.

Elastomer suit

I saw this image and decided to seek out the company that made the suit. I found the small Taiwanese outfit – twelastomer – and thought I’d give them a go. I chose a surf suit in a kind-of rubberised matt-finish lycra which came in at a little steep $130 (thanks Brexit).

The company advertises them as sportswear but with the crotch access they’re definitely more fetish, although I wouldn’t mind seeing more cyclists out and about in it!

The fit is tight and feels good. The body is a little long, which makes in wrinkle a bit, and doesn’t fit my skinny shoulders but on my pup looks great.

The big advantage for fetish play is that it stays a lot cooler than rubber but still looks pretty similar with great access.

I definitely recommend giving them a go, especially if you’re a cyclist :)

Carrara chastity dildo

A year ago I made a pilgrimage to Carrara Designs in Belgium to pick up a long-wanted chastity belt. Stupidly I didn’t order a front-mounting dildo to go with it at the time and Carrara have since been too busy to supply one separately.

Whilst we’ve been able to improvise with some rope I wanted something a bit quicker to put on and off.

So, in this post I’ll show you how to make an easy-on dildo for Carrara belts for less than £15, one that even has a small advantage over Carrara’s!

The main thing you’ll need is a vac-u-lock plug – I found a cheap one from LoveHoney that’s designed for a harness but we’ll be cutting it up a bit anyway. Trim away the excess and sand it smooth and you’ll be left with a plug.

Luckily mine was already hollow, otherwise you’ll have to drill it out a bit.

The next step is to fix an M5 bolt into it (this is the thread size on the Carrara). First test fit the bolt and mark the location where the thread stops on the face of the belt with a bit of tape. Mine ended being about 15mm but as they’re all hand built you should check yours!

You’re then going to embed the M5 bolt into the vac-u-lock plug with the thread sticking out. I used some epoxy putty but you could use liquid resin; whatever you have to hand.





This is the finished plug mounted on my Carrara – the base does rest on the lock slightly but that’s not a problem.

And here’s the advantage – you can easily swap dildos on and off, different sizes and styles, as it’s a vac-u-lock!

Go fuck (with) yourself

Ever wanted to make a mould of yourself (or someone else) so you can stick you up your ass? There are a fair few mould-a-willy kits out there but I’ve tried a couple and they all leave a bit to be desired. You can, though, buy the bits to make your own. This probably won’t be much cheaper than the kits but you’ll have the materials to make a few though and it should be a better result.

The idea will be to make a negative impression using alginate then cast the final dildo from platinum cure silicone.

You’ll need: alginate (like the stuff the dentist uses to take an impression of your teeth), platinum cure silicone (make sure it’s food safe), silicone pigments of your choice (again, food safe) and finally a plastic cylinder a few centimetres larger than your, er, girth. You can get most of these from eBay fairly cheaply.

Obviously the same technique can be used to mould anything, including fists!


You probably want to shave all your hair otherwise pulling it out of the cured alginate is going to be painful. You can also try using some vaseline as a barrier but the less hair the better.
Some of the alginate is going to drip so throw some newspapers down and cover a chair.
You’re going to need to stay hard for a couple of minutes in fairly cold goo so grab a cockring, poppers and porn to help :)

Making the impression:

Decide whether you want to include your balls, or not, in the cast. This will then determine the diameter of the plastic tube you’ll need – allow a couple of centimetres either side for the alginate as well. A drinks bottle or poster tube will work just fine. Cut one end of the tube at an angle so that the main part of the plastic tube is parallel to your dick when you’re hard and the angled end fits flush against your body (otherwise the alginate is going to drip out a lot).

Mix up the alginate according to the instructions – the better ones are colour changing and go from pink to purple when they’re ready to use. Colder water will give you longer working time but you’re probably only going to have a couple of minutes at most before it goes white and has gone off. Get yourself prepped and fluffed before mixing the alginate up!

Pour the alginate into the tube around your bits making sure you’re not pressed up against the inside of the tube and that you fill a good few centimetres above the top of your dick. Some is bound to dribble out the bottom but you should be ok to keep filling.

Once the alginate has set you can pull out (letting yourself go soft will help) but leave the mould inside the plastic tube.

Silicone moulding:

The platinum cure silicone is the same kind of stuff that square peg use and you can colour it as you like – the base is a sort of translucent colourless affair. Make sure it’s food safe! There are often different textures too so you can have hard or soft but for a dildo I’d recommend the harder compound.

It comes in two parts so mix up the silicone with the catalyst as per the instructions, along with any colouring. A mixing cup and scales will help – it’s important to be accurate.

Hopefully you’ve left the alginate in the plastic tube so it’ll be easy to up-end and then pour into the top. You can leave a bit of a flange on the top if you like; you’ll be able to see how thick it is through the tube.

Leave it to cure then remove it from the tube and alginate – sadly the alginate will crumble so is really only a single use. If you want to make lots then take a plaster positive first then stamp out alginate negatives with it.

2016 round up

2016 started pretty badly. I’d been struggling with illness for a lot of 2015 and was waiting for surgery in March to hopefully fix things – it’s a poor state of affairs where you’re actively looking forward to bowel surgery! Luckily, surgery went well but recovering from it has pretty much taken me out of the rest of the year.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been some kink!

We had a great visit from @rubberyell who set a new playroom cumshot record:

I had an adorable @pupgizmo at my disposal:

We had some fun deepthroat training time with another visitor:

I got some new rubber, although it suited @emsedonyk more:

I bought a ton more gear as well, including a new electro box, vac cube, Lycra, chains and straightjacket:

I really, really got into piss play more with the purchase of a StudioGum hood:

And I made some of my own kink furniture to add to the playroom:

Not least, we had a great weekend away in Berlin with a friend and introduced him to all the pleasures that Qualgeist and Lab had to offer (and did a bit of shopping).

Here’s hoping 2017 will be a better and more active year!

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