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Loki’s Lube Lab

This is a rehash of some existing silicone lube recipes, but with more of a focus on EU ingredient suppliers, and, well, proper units. The end product is basically indistinguishable from the ‘Mr B Glide’ silicone lube I’ve been using for general latex donning, shine, and fun. The net cost will be over half of …

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Rope tutorials

Although life moves on, I didn’t want some of the lovely rope tutorials I did for my old company to be lost forever so I’ve imported them into this blog and you can find them all under the tutorials category. Hopefully I’ll do some more too :)

Rope Bondage Part 5: Single Column Tie

Hooray! A new post! The single column tie is arguably the foundation of most other ties in¬†shibari and is definitely worth practicing on yourself until you’re totally confident. A column is anything you can tie directly around such as an arm or a leg. The single column tie secures a rope around just one limb …

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Rope Bondage Part 4: Reading

So, in lieu of some actual demos (I know, I know!) here’s some great reading material in the mean time: Books By far and away the best set of books on shibari are Complete Shibari:¬†Land & Sky by Douglas Kent. Sadly you can only get them via his own site based in Canada so shipping …

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Rope Bondage Part 3a: Rope Coils

As was rightly pointed out in my last post (gotta love peer review!), storing rope for any length of time in a chain can be bad for the rope and introduce kinks (in the rope, not in oneself). I do thing rope chains are the best method for washing your rope in a machine though, …

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Rope Bondage Part 3: Rope Basics

In the third part of our rope bondage tutorial we cover the basics: rope types, storage and care Rope Material Selection There are a great variety of rope materials on the market, both natural & synthetic. The image to the left shows white cotton rope at the top, a flat-weave nylon in the middle and …

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Rope Bondage Part 2: Safety

Part 2 was going to include both a write up of safety aspects and some basic ropework, however I found that there was more than enough ground to cover from the safety side and that it probably warrants a post all of its own. Environment As well as being in the mood, it’s important to …

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Rope bondage in n lessons

First of all, let me just say that I’m not a shit-hot-rope-top, as the fabulous Midori says. I’m not Japanese and I definitely don’t speak any Japanese (my funny name, Loki, comes from Norse mythology by the way). Whilst I have a preference for Japanese-style rope bondage, I’m sure there are many practitioners of this …

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