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Rei Ayanami latex cosplay

Rei is my spirit animal and they’re a pretty popular character to cosplay. It took a while to put together the whole set, including hours of laborious 3D printing sanding and painting the spear of Longinus. If you love what you see and can afford to chuck some pennies at me, always appreciated but never …

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So long and thanks for all the latex

Social media isn’t like an airport, it doesn’t need a departure announcement. But I think some explanation is needed in this case as Twitter (I’ll be in my cold cold grave before I recognise its new name) has been my home and community since 2009. It has been fundamental to understanding my own sexuality and …

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Rubber Doll Suits

This is not an exhaustive guide but is a good starting point if you are interested in expressing your inner dolly self. I hope this post will be updated over time as other makers emerge. Firstly, the assumption here is that you are wanting to take a flat(ter) chest and augment the breast area and …

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Hypno drone

A fun session with VR goggles showing sissy hypnosis, inescapable vibrator, and mind-enhancing gasses.


Sometimes a colour is just a colour…

Latex Dominatrix

A recent self-shoot with the stereotypical HW heavy corset and MSA.

Rubber Dolls

I know it’s perhaps not been everyone’s thing but I do enjoy occasionally letting out my rubber doll side. I’ve had huge inspiration and help particularly from Miss Velour in developing my persona; which incidentally has really helped me understand my enby-ness in “normal” life. Kink really can be life affirming. As I now have …

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Dual Port MSA Millennium

Are you a lucky drone with an MSA Millennium? Want to convert it to twin inlet ports for a better aesthetic? Load the following program: Obtain the following MSA parts: MSA Part 10007388 (air deflector) MSA Part 10007994 (inlet valve body) MSA Part 10007421 (inlet valve disc)Note: my air deflector came with the valve disc …

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Single sided latex chlorination

There are plenty of guides for this on the internet, although most focus on the two-sided process, and I was also given some great advice on Twitter but wanted to document things as an aide-memoire and I hope it helps you too. Why chlorinate latex clothing? I don’t own that many pieces of chlorinated latex, …

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Drone LED Mask

A very quick write up which is more a bill of materials than a how-to, as it’s that easy! The basis of this is an LED face mask as this includes a flexible LED matrix and a companion mobile app to add text and patterns etc. The one I bought was described on ebay as …

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