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The FuckFace™

I’ve seen a few S10 gas masks modified to include a Fleshlight in them over the years, I think the concept of them appeals to my drone / objectification fetish, but often the actual look is a bit too “anatomical” for my liking I thought I’d have a go at making my own, and I …

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Rubber Drone

I recently completed my rubber drone ensemble which I’ve had a few questions about, so I’ll do my best to answer them. Base suit is from STR, feet, hands and from Blackstyle. The S10 is a hard-to-find dual intake version. The standard version only has a port on the wearer’s left hand side, but some …

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A summer of adventure with Troy Orleans

Back in August, the stars aligned and I was lucky enough to get to play with Troy Orleans. Normally resident in New York with a playspace to die for she’s an amazing talent with rope, rubber and leather. I knew I had to try and meet with her. We had a wonderful chat on the …

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It was super fun to have a flying dog in the playroom. We’ve known Tyler for a couple of years and he makes a great rope bunny; I can’t believe this was only his second time in rope but here’s hoping there are many more :)

Rubber clones

Not quite the identical rubber clones, but they were pretty fun tied back-to-back.

StudioGum Piss Hood

Here’s my long-awaited StudioGum piss hood – StudioGum themselves have a long order backlog at the moment, which they’re honest about, so if you’re desperate then you might find it quicker from Regulation if they have your size. I chose to spend a little extra on the lace-up back which gives me a lot more flexibility when accommodating visitors …

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It’s rare that we get to play with someone who has a bigger rubber collection than we do, so it was great to have Foxzatt down for the weekend. It was especially horny to be dressed in identical full suits, gloves, toesocks and hooded S10 gas masks and be pretty indistinguishable from one another.

A pervert’s wish list

For no other reason than an aide-memoire I thought I’d write up my idea of heavenly additions to the playroom. A lot of it is rubber-based: Blackstore’s “perfect rubberboy” outfit. I’ll get one with all the trimmings please! STR make fantastic rubber gear and also do an off-label special-order total enclosure suit. Looks intense! Why buy a …

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Ass hook time

Huge thanks to LondonRopeTop for a great afternoon of rubber, rope, things in butts and small periods without air. I have a very love-hate relationship with ass hooks and LRT exploited that  very artfully with a predicament hogtie.

Zero is better than one

It’s always rewarding to have repeat visits from someone; you start to understand what works and what doesn’t and relax into things a bit more so we were lucky to have Zero visit over a weekend for some fun. We had a nice mix of kink, food, chat and pupping out – a great weekend!

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