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Image Dump

I’m sorry, I’ve not been keeping up the blog with new images as I post them on twitter, so here’s a big load of them all in one place ^_^


It was super fun to have a flying dog in the playroom. We’ve known Tyler for a couple of years and he makes a great rope bunny; I can’t believe this was only his second time in rope but here’s hoping there are many more :)

StudioGum Piss Hood

Here’s my long-awaited StudioGum piss hood – StudioGum themselves have a long order backlog at the moment, which they’re honest about, so if you’re desperate then you might find it quicker from Regulation if they have your size. I chose to spend a little extra on the lace-up back which gives me a lot more flexibility when accommodating visitors …

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Repost: pissing in a boy

I’d originally put this on the miniblog, but it definitely deserves a post of its own. I’m such a piss pig at the moment – being unable to play seems to make me filthier of mind!  

Rubber urinals

I was lucky enough to have two rubber urinals on tap recently, but I do think I need a new piss delivery system*.

Recent Playdate Roundup

Certainly doing lots of topping at the moment, but I’m not complaining as I get to play with such lovely subs. Had a great first session with @ArchimedesPup : And a spur of the moment hour with @PupTwink (who, by the way, looks amazing in full rubber which I failed to get a picture of – …

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Gizmo bonus video

A little bonus piss video for you :)