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The stupidest / hottest thing I’ve ever done

This is a story, with some true bits, and some embellishment. I hope you enjoy. Please always play safe and let people know where you are and when you’re due back. We had been corresponding online for a while and I’d finally plucked up the courage to arrange a session with him. We were in …

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Rubber boy

It started with a text: I found this waiting for me: Good boys get rewarded:


It was super fun to have a flying dog in the playroom. We’ve known Tyler for a couple of years and he makes a great rope bunny; I can’t believe this was only his second time in rope but here’s hoping there are many more :)


We had the honour back in April of entertaining bgslave who turned out to have an identical rubber wrestling suit as us, which of course I just had see. Latex twins seems to be a thing for me at the moment ^_^

Rubber clones

Not quite the identical rubber clones, but they were pretty fun tied back-to-back.

Double trouble

Here’s a bunch of themed pictures around two subs. I don’t think any are ‘new’ particularly but after a very plaintive request, I’ve dug through the archives and brought them together.

Party time

At the end of last year, in an attempt to make my birthday more palatable, we had a few friends over to play. We’d tried a bigger pervy party a couple of years ago and I just felt like I had to make sure everyone was happy rather than getting involved so this time we …

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A very fun-filled weekend with pupoakleigh crammed in lots of things – rubber bondage, fisting, pup play and sounding amongst lots of other awesome stuff.


It’s always fun to find someone young, cute, and with a rubber wardrobe to rival your own – but to come across them by chance in a dark dungeon is quite rare. We invited TotalRunt back to our own playroom for another round. There’s also a video of him strapped to the bondage chair finding it …

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Rubber urinals

I was lucky enough to have two rubber urinals on tap recently, but I do think I need a new piss delivery system*.

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