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Carrara chastity dildo

A year ago I made a pilgrimage to Carrara Designs in Belgium to pick up a long-wanted chastity belt. Stupidly I didn’t order a front-mounting dildo to go with it at the time and Carrara have since been too busy to supply one separately. Whilst we’ve been able to improvise with some rope I wanted …

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Party time

At the end of last year, in an attempt to make my birthday more palatable, we had a few friends over to play. We’d tried a bigger pervy party a couple of years ago and I just felt like I had to make sure everyone was happy rather than getting involved so this time we …

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A visit to Carrara

I recently had the culmination of many years’ dreaming which was to visit Carrara Designs and get my own custom-made chastity belt. I thought it would be fun to visit in person, to see how things got made, and to make sure everything was properly sized. I wasn’t disappointed! Walter Goethals was a fantastic host …

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Throwback Thursday

Another scene from the archives. I arranged to play with HoodAndGag back when he still had access to an amazing playspace near Edgware Road (fellow perverts may know the place!). I was there as a ‘horny photographer’ to document play with another sub so I was first strapped down, plugged and locked in chastity. Very …

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A pervert’s wish list

For no other reason than an aide-memoire I thought I’d write up my idea of heavenly additions to the playroom. A lot of it is rubber-based: Blackstore’s “perfect rubberboy” outfit. I’ll get one with all the trimmings please! STR make fantastic rubber gear and also do an off-label special-order total enclosure suit. Looks intense! Why buy a …

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Recent picture roundup

I often post pics up to twitter or tumblr only, but I thought I’d post some of the most recent popular ones up here too.

Chastity tweaks and electro

Inspired by a tumblr post, what better way to break in a new, and huge, electro plug* from Mr S. I’ve also done a little home leathercraft and made a strap that locks onto the Steelheart and makes it 100% more comfortable to wear and a fair-bit more inescapable (although not escape-proof – my heart …

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New bondage chastity shorts

From Blackstyle with an additional locking rear zipper :) Worn with my rubber straightjacket and hood makes for a great rubber fuck-toy feeling.

Steelworxx Review

It’s taken a couple of months to get, but my Steelworxx Steelheart has arrived and had a weekend’s test run. My review in TL;DR format: I plumped for a few of the optional extras which inflated the price a little: a chose the steel “comfort” ring, an anatomical ring and the integrated lock. I think the …

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