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The Transformation Machine

To celebrate the coming together of my Rubber Doll outfit, here’s a short video of my transformation. Outfit: Big Boob Catsuit, Fantastic Rubber Corset Belt, Libidex Hood, Polymorphe Latex Adore-1020, Pleaser Heels


Last year I had the pleasure of a session with Miss Velour which explored a side of me I’d been curious about, which was transformation into a rubber doll. It was very enjoyable watching myself get slowly layered in rubber suit, skirt, tits, and corset. The only thing that was a bit of a mind …

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Repost: first run of the bondage chair

As Tumblr have been clamping down on porn videos lately I’ve salvaged a load and will be posting them here. Here’s from the first time using our bondage chair.  

Milking machines

Someone wondered on twitter whether anyone has experience of both the Venus and SeriousKit milking (wanking) machines so I thought I’d post up my thoughts as a mini review. Note I currently own a Venus but I don’t have any affiliate relationship with them. I’d be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments or on …

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A very fun-filled weekend with pupoakleigh crammed in lots of things – rubber bondage, fisting, pup play and sounding amongst lots of other awesome stuff.

Homebrew bondage chair

A quick post about our new bondage chair, because I’m quite proud of it. It’s inspired by the fetters ladder-back chair* (which is a lovely bit of kit) but we didn’t have space for it unless we were to get rid of the cage – but every playroom has to have a cage. We used …

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You can find boyj3 on twitter.

Best in show?

New tail* and harness*. Super-waggy-happy!

Venus milking machine

We have been wanting to complete our machines collection for a while, and instead of a big fancy holiday we spent the cash on a Venus milking machine. We opted to buy from the US rather than the one UK distributor – even with the shipping and duties (note comedy customs declaration) it still came …

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Throwback Thursday

A quick and slightly blurry one from the archives. Whilst it does show me suspended by my feet with a puppy tail in, that’s not why I’ve posted it: this was taken at the very famous, and sadly now defunct, Black Tulip bondage hotel in Amsterdam. I really miss that place.

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