Throwback Thursday

A quick and slightly blurry one from the archives. Whilst it does show me suspended by my feet with a puppy tail in, that’s not why I’ve posted it: this was taken at the very famous, and sadly now defunct, Black Tulip bondage hotel in Amsterdam. I really miss that place.

Black Tulip


  1. bruce

    Just love your pictures and site, I am an older puppy dog and love all things restrictive and puppyfied.
    What are the best venues for k9 displaying in London and other cites in the UK please.
    Thanks and woof xx Bruce

    1. puploki


      There aren’t that many dedicated night – I think Fetch! may be the only one, but I don’t think it’s run for a while. Recon’s Full Fetish in the summer had a pup play area too.

      Otherwise both Fetishbound & Collared are pretty puppy friendly!

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