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Rubber Doll Suits

This is not an exhaustive guide but is a good starting point if you are interested in expressing your inner dolly self. I hope this post will be updated over time as other makers emerge. Firstly, the assumption here is that you are wanting to take a flat(ter) chest and augment the breast area and …

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Dual Port MSA Millennium

Are you a lucky drone with an MSA Millennium? Want to convert it to twin inlet ports for a better aesthetic? Load the following program: Obtain the following MSA parts: MSA Part 10007388 (air deflector) MSA Part 10007994 (inlet valve body) MSA Part 10007421 (inlet valve disc)Note: my air deflector came with the valve disc …

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Drone LED Mask

A very quick write up which is more a bill of materials than a how-to, as it’s that easy! The basis of this is an LED face mask as this includes a flexible LED matrix and a companion mobile app to add text and patterns etc. The one I bought was described on ebay as …

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Kink DIY – 3D Printing

This is a new one for me, but using a 3D printer to conjure new pervertables out of thin air is extremely enjoyable. I’m going to add a couple of links and files here but this may end up growing over time I as I think it opens up whole new opportunities for fun! S10 …

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Super Heavy Straight Jacket

I recently sold a moderately heavy SJ I bought from RubAddicition some years ago, having grown out of it, and I’d been on the hunt for a replacement ever since. So here it is, made by RubberWerk, this is 3mm thick latex, weighing in at 10kg (over 20lbs) on its own, and add in the …

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DIY Breathplay Manifold

IMPORTANT: Breath control is dangerous even in experienced hands, but even more so solo. NEVER use a device such as this on your own. I haven’t posted this bit of DIY before as I’m in two minds about giving people such potentially dangerous tools, but then it’s just some bits of pipework so it’s hardly …

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Loki’s Lube Lab

This is a rehash of some existing silicone lube recipes, but with more of a focus on EU ingredient suppliers, and, well, proper units. The end product is basically indistinguishable from the ‘Mr B Glide’ silicone lube I’ve been using for general latex donning, shine, and fun. The net cost will be over half of …

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Fantastic Rubber

IMPORTANT: I can no longer recommend FR due to their owner’s apparent affiliation with a far right party. I’d been lusting after a Fantastic Rubber catsuit for a long time. They look great, and their pattern making ability is legendary. Ideally I’d have gone to their workshops just outside of Berlin, but I wasn’t going …

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The Transformation Machine

To celebrate the coming together of my Rubber Doll outfit, here’s a short video of my transformation. Outfit: Big Boob Catsuit, Fantastic Rubber Corset Belt, Libidex Hood, Polymorphe Latex Adore-1020, Pleaser Heels

The Studio

It is almost a year to the day, as I write this, that we moved into a new home. With that came the opportunity to build a bigger playroom and go for a lighter, airier space rather than the previous industrial grunge (not that there was anything wrong with that). Having learnt a bit more …

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