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New and improved Autofuck

Our fucking machine had been stuck in a corner gathering dust as there was no easy way to arrange it to work against someone in the sling, when suspended in our bondage frame. On a whim, I decided to whip up a frame to hold it vertically (its legs only tilt +/- 30 degrees of …

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Rubber Drone

I recently completed my rubber drone ensemble which I’ve had a few questions about, so I’ll do my best to answer them. Base suit is from STR, feet, hands and from Blackstyle. The S10 is a hard-to-find dual intake version. The standard version only has a port on the wearer’s left hand side, but some …

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Elastomer suit

I saw this image and decided to seek out the company that made the suit. I found the small Taiwanese outfit – twelastomer – and thought I’d give them a go. I chose a surf suit in a kind-of rubberised matt-finish lycra which came in at a little steep $130 (thanks Brexit). The company advertises them …

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Go fuck (with) yourself

Ever wanted to make a mould of yourself (or someone else) so you can stick you up your ass? There are a fair few mould-a-willy kits out there but I’ve tried a couple and they all leave a bit to be desired. You can, though, buy the bits to make your own. This probably won’t be …

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Rim chair

I had visions of making my own beautifully-padded rim chair but the first prototypes didn’t quite work out so with a few hints from twitter I ended up making this lower cost version from a wooden toilet seat and some furniture legs. Want to make your own? You’ll need: A wooden toilet seat 25cm furniture …

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No Escape

I saw an amazing straightjacket owned by EliseGraves on twitter and thanks to a bit of sleuthing and emails back and forth, Torsten from No Escape said he’d make me one too. I love the fit, the red straps in contrast with the contrast and the totally adjustable buckles. I look forward to playing with it …

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Dungeon irons

A surprising gap in my toybox was the lack of many metal restraints, so thanks to Fetters I have a great new set of combination irons. They’re actually amazingly comfortable to wear despite their weight thanks to an oval cross section to the arm and leg cuffs and look great over rubber. Well recommended!

StudioGum Piss Hood

Here’s my long-awaited StudioGum piss hood – StudioGum themselves have a long order backlog at the moment, which they’re honest about, so if you’re desperate then you might find it quicker from Regulation if they have your size. I chose to spend a little extra on the lace-up back which gives me a lot more flexibility when accommodating visitors …

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Vacuum cube

A few years ago I tried a vac bed and I really hated it. The noise of the vacuum around my totally enclosed head induced a feeling of claustrophobia I’ve not experienced before or since. But then I tried a vac tower and I loved the ‘suspended’ sensation and that my head was sticking out and I …

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Milking machines

Someone wondered on twitter whether anyone has experience of both the Venus and SeriousKit milking (wanking) machines so I thought I’d post up my thoughts as a mini review. Note I currently own a Venus but I don’t have any affiliate relationship with them. I’d be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments or on …

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