Drone LED Mask

A very quick write up which is more a bill of materials than a how-to, as it’s that easy!

The basis of this is an LED face mask as this includes a flexible LED matrix and a companion mobile app to add text and patterns etc.

The one I bought was described on ebay as “LED Programmable Face Mask Light Up Rechargeable Face Cover Facial Protector” – there are lots of similar ones, make sure you try and get this type (App version not button). The companion mobile app is called “Shining Glasses” (there is a pair of sunglasses in a similar style which may work in a pinch but are more expensive).

Once you have your thing, just cut it out of the fabric face mask with scissors.

The MSA has a tinted outsert which I use to simply trap the LED matrix. No gluing, everything is reversible with some velcro wire wraps.

What I decided to do was cut off the connectors between LEDs and battery so I could extend them and then thread these longer, black, wires through to the back of my MSA mask, so some soldering and heat shrink required. You could probably clip the pack onto the head harness straps if you wanted to and avoid the soldering.

In the end I took the battery pack out of its little case and fitted it into the pull-on loop on the back of the MSA’s head harness for neatness. You can still get at the button / charge port easily.

That’s it!