Rubber Doll Suits

This is not an exhaustive guide but is a good starting point if you are interested in expressing your inner dolly self. I hope this post will be updated over time as other makers emerge.

Firstly, the assumption here is that you are wanting to take a flat(ter) chest and augment the breast area and constrict the waist. I am absolutely not saying this is the only way – many drones go for a more androgynous look for example – but I like to feel the bounce and overemphasise the hourglass figure in a hyper-femme look. I am non binary and a large part of that for me is being able to “take off” one gender and put on another.

Many female-cut catsuits have a tendency to flatten the chest; although they have extra space cut for boobs the constriction of the latex will still de-emphasise that area. If this is what you are after, then you have a lot of choice in fit, designs, and makers.

However, the “big boob” suit is designed to augment and emphasise the chest, usually with silicone breast forms, although inflatable boobs are also available.

Silicone suits, chest plates and breast forms

If you are wanting to give yourself a more femme figure, especially the chest, then you have a few options before you choose your latex second skin.

Some folks choose a full silicone body suit. There are many different makers available. I have found the suits to be extremely difficult to get into, expensive, and tear easily. If you are wearing a full latex catsuit on top then you probably don’t need to go this route, but if you want to wear more revealing outfits then it’s maybe more useful.

A silicone chest plate is kinda like a binder or sports bra, but with the boobs attached. The boobs can either be filled with cotton (lighter) or silicone (heavier but with a realistic bounce), and come in lots of different sizes of course. Again, there are lots of makers, but I have one from Dokier (eBay or Ali) and I’m actually quite impressed with it and how easily it is to get into. An advantage is that the chest plate will hold the boobs into position and you can then go choose any female-cut of suit, or mini dress, or whatever you like.

Individual breast forms are more commonly used with the big boob suits. These are just silicone separates and are easily available. I have a curved asymmetric pair from Red Rose.

Latex catsuits

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Fantastic Rubber were/are the best fitting and best engineered big boob suits but I can no longer recommend them due to the company’s owner. Maybe in time this changes but for now, no matter how good they are, it’s a red line for me. I still wear mine but in a gender fuck-you kinda way. The reason the suits are so good is that they have a dedicated pocket for the boobs, and a halter that goes around the neck which keeps them in a natural position.

Your next best option is Simon O’s big boob suits (male and female cuts). These do come with E cups as the minimum size, and unfortunately are in off the peg sizing only, no made-to-measure (as far as I know). So for me, they don’t quite fit right.

If you prefer Libidex then they provide male suits with breast form pockets, although you need to source your own separately and give them the sizing. The big disadvantage for me is that the pockets are simply open at the back so the breast forms can move around. If they’re combined with a corset and harness then this may not be a major issue for you though.

I’d love Kink Engineering to offer a big boob suit one day!


A quick list of extra bits you might consider to hyper-femme your outfit: