So long and thanks for all the latex

Social media isn’t like an airport, it doesn’t need a departure announcement.

But I think some explanation is needed in this case as Twitter (I’ll be in my cold cold grave before I recognise its new name) has been my home and community since 2009. It has been fundamental to understanding my own sexuality and gender and with connecting with so so many wonderful people.

And I hate that one individual has decided to rob me of all of this.

Interaction (and I don’t mean just dopamine hits) has been down, and my timeline has been filled with actual, literal fascists. I am lucky in one sense in that my income doesn’t depend on it but for anyone that does my heart breaks to see what it has become.

So what next:

I won’t be deleting Twitter for now but I am no longer regularly active on it. I will repost joint work.
Update: I’ve started to dip back into Twitter more. I know, I’m sorry. I have a really cosy vibe on Bluesky but the bulk of my parasocial community has not followed and there are people I just miss interacting with. I’m trying to cut down, honest!

Mastodon has been flat but I’ll continue to use it.

Bluesky currently has the most promising community but I fear as it grows this will diminish but we shall see.

Instagram allows me to follow some vendors but the moderation policies are draconian.

Fetlife is ok but the level of creepy comments is unpleasant.

OF/Fansly serve a purpose especially for live streams and video hosting and I’ll continue to use them to post early exclusives before that content becomes available for free here.

The blog will stay and might actually get a bit more attention.

Tailoring content for each platform takes effort and I don’t want to simply automatically cross post either. I don’t know how best to proceed and won’t always get it right but I’ll try my best to continue to inform and help the community that has helped me so much over the last 20 years. x