Fantastic Rubber

IMPORTANT: I can no longer recommend FR due to their owner’s apparent affiliation with a far right party.

I’d been lusting after a Fantastic Rubber catsuit for a long time. They look great, and their pattern making ability is legendary. Ideally I’d have gone to their workshops just outside of Berlin, but I wasn’t going to go anytime soon for an event so it would have been an additional cost on top of a suit that isn’t all that cheap to begin with.

Their suits are all made to measure, that’s “included” in the pricing (and the more you buy per year the greater the discount) so you have to fill out a complicated form (in German) and send photos of yourself if you’re doing self-measuring – although it’ll need another person. A somewhat nerve wracking process and it’s an expensive mistake – measure several times and watch their videos to get it right!

The end result is probably the most perfectly fitting suit I own now – STR off the shelf sizes are pretty close and more accessible in pricing, but for the Boob Suit there was only the one option.

FR were really good at helping choose the silicone boob sizes (I mean, you can go to insane sizes but I wanted something more in keeping) and the order update process was fantastic. You got a constant tick down of the numbers in front, and the stage your suit was in manufacturing. All told it was about a 3 month wait.

Getting the suit on is “interesting”. I’ve owned neck entry suits before (and FR only do neck entry) but I went for a 0.2mm thin gauge of latex, and as it’s expensive the donning and removal process is stressful: no sharp nails, no rings, no piercings. There’s also a special pocket for the boobs, and a halter that you pull over your neck once you’re in, so instructions are needed!

It isn’t a spur of the moment play item, nor is it for heavy play, but it looks amazing.