Dual Port MSA Millennium

Are you a lucky drone with an MSA Millennium? Want to convert it to twin inlet ports for a better aesthetic? Load the following program:

Obtain the following MSA parts:

  1. MSA Part 10007388 (air deflector)
  2. MSA Part 10007994 (inlet valve body)
  3. MSA Part 10007421 (inlet valve disc)
    Note: my air deflector came with the valve disc fitted already so you may not need this.

The links above take you to a US retailer. If you are outside the US you will need to use a service like Stackry to mail forward but the costs aren’t particularly high.

You will also need a circlip plier (bent pliers) to undo the blanking plug, although you might be able to get away with two screwdrivers.

Parts required

First step is to remove the retaining ring and the blanking plug underneath the ring:

Use circlip pliers to undo the ring
Remove the blanking plug

You can now fit the new valve body by push-fitting from the outside:

Push fit the new valve body

The deflector assembly now locates on the centre hole of the valve body, from the inside (make sure the valve disc is on first). You can look at the existing one on the other side to get the right orientation.

Valve disc showing from the inside
Deflector assembly from the inside