Milking machines

Someone wondered on twitter whether anyone has experience of both the Venus and SeriousKit milking (wanking) machines so I thought I’d post up my thoughts as a mini review. Note I currently own a Venus but I don’t have any affiliate relationship with them. I’d be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments or on twitter too.

I’ve had the amazing experience of trying both the Venus and SeriousKit out back-to-back on the same day thanks to the amazingly well equipped facilities of Miss Miranda so hopefully this is a reasonable overview.

Both systems use a rubber lined tube connected to a pump to drive the tube up and down on your cock and so simulate a wanking sensation. The SeriousKit requires a separate vacuum pump, the Venus’ is built in to the motor box – both allow the speed to be varied.

The SeriousKit actually pulls a vacuum directly onto the cock which allows it to work even when flaccid – the down side is that is needs a constant gravity fed flow of water-based lube. A second vacuum connection is also needed to remove the lube (or cum or piss…) flow.

Both systems can have electro connected up, although in the Venus’ case this is an aftermarket conductive liner.

So – which is better? If I’m honest, the wanking sensation for both is pretty similar, although the constant lube flow from the SeriousKit adds a certain something to the experience. But this is all massively offset by the setup and tweaking required.

The SeriousKit is also pretty noisy as you have the hiss of the vaccum, slurp of the lube and whatever vacuum pump you have running as well (although this could be in a separate room). The Venus isn’t silent, but on low speeds it’s pretty imperceptible.

The Venus is also a bit cheaper (UK punters, look at the costs of importing direct as opposed to UK-based resellers – you might be surprised that even after shipping, VAT & import duties it’s still cheaper to get it from the US) although I admit that the SeriousKit certainly “looks” the part.

My conclusion – if you’re a home player then the Venus is probably the machine for you. It’s easier to setup, quieter and cheaper and gives you 95% of the sensation of the SeriousKit. 9 out of 10 submissives can’t tell the difference in a blind test :)