Vacuum cube

A few years ago I tried a vac bed and I really hated it. The noise of the vacuum around my totally enclosed head induced a feeling of claustrophobia I’ve not experienced before or since. But then I tried a vac tower and I loved the ‘suspended’ sensation and that my head was sticking out and I wanted my own.

So thanks to the lovely people at Kink Engineering I now have a vac cube (rather than an elongated tower) and it’s fantastic. I chose a black and yellow colour scheme (some of their custom work is amazing) and also an optional rear port so I can thread electro cables through.

The design is excellent with a non-return valve and ingenious sealing-bar so once the air has been pulled out it maintains the pressure without needing to wreck your vacuum cleaner.

If you’re thinking of getting your own from KE then their default option is to send it without the piping which saves on shipping. In the UK you can get Imperial schedule 40 pipe relatively easily and drilling the holes is dead easy with a step drill. I bought mine online and they even cut it to length for me which saved me an extra step.

Another item crossed off the wish list :)