Steelworxx Review

It’s taken a couple of months to get, but my Steelworxx Steelheart has arrived and had a weekend’s test run. My review in TL;DR format:

  • I plumped for a few of the optional extras which inflated the price a little: a chose the steel “comfort” ring, an anatomical ring and the integrated lock. I think the comfort ring is an essential option but the others will be an anatomical and aesthetic choice.
  • I’ve always struggled with “trapped ball” devices as my balls are quite large and tend to pinch, so I chose the anatomical back ring in an attempt to alleviate some of those issues. It works pretty well, but if you don’t have the same pinchy problems as I do, you can probably get away without.
  • Because everything is custom made, I’d asked before buying if I would be able to swap the ring if I got the size wrong and was told I could. It turned out I had gotten the wrong size and it turned into a massive pain to get changed. Not only did I have to send the whole thing back (a new size can’t be just sent out, things have to be made especially to fit) but they wanted extra money for it to boot. After a great deal of back-and-forth, compounded by language issues, I felt I had no choice and bought a new ring.
  • My sizing advice: you probably need to be very happy in a CB6000 or similar and really dial in the ring sizing especially. Tube diameters and lengths you can easily work out with a tape measure but leave a little comfort room.
  • Cleaning will be a bit of an issue as stale piss tends to get trapped easily.
  • But onto the good: now the sizing is sorted the fit and comfort is the best I’ve ever experienced with these kinds of chastity device (CBs, Birdlocked etc.).
  • Comfort is definitely helped when wearing a jock (oh dear…).
  • It does look pretty amazing especially combined with rubber.

Ultimately I don’t think I’m ever going to find a chastity device suitable for long-term use and nor does my owner necessarily want to lock me up forever. However, the Steelworxx is perfect for shorter-term and session chastity for me and I (think I) look forward to wearing it more. Eeek.

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