The stupidest / hottest thing I’ve ever done

This is a story, with some true bits, and some embellishment. I hope you enjoy. Please always play safe and let people know where you are and when you’re due back.

We had been corresponding online for a while and I’d finally plucked up the courage to arrange a session with him. We were in the same town, and not far from each other, but I was very inexperienced. I’d never even set foot in any kind of dungeon before and the only gear I owned was confined to some cheap white cotton rope.

He offered me a one time deal, valid for that first play date only: let yourself in, tie yourself up, don’t see him until the end.

It was a rediculous offer. I’d never met him, but the pages of hot guys tied up in the same way on his website was too much to resist. I said yes. Stupid, stupid Loki.

The day came, and I had his address. I had to let myself in at a precise time and found myself wondering the streets outside for an hour because I was early, all the time thinking both THIS IS AMAZING but also THIS IS SO STUPID. I’ve never met him, we’ve never even spoken, just messaged online, no one else knows where I am, and it’s before the days of smartphones so I can’t even be tracked. FUCK. WHAT AM I DOING?

SHITSHITSHIT. It’s time. Now or never. Decide. I find myself halfway to the door before I’ve even had time to think. Guess my dick is doing the talking now.

He’s given me the location of the front door key underneath a specific flower pot (how original), but nothing more. I find it. I glance at my watch, it clicks over to the hour exactly and I turn the key. I step inside and close the door behind me. And exhale…

I see a sheet of paper on the floor:


Take off all your clothes. Fold them neatly on the floor. Step into the playroom to your left and you’ll find further instructions.

Follow them exactly.

I take off everything. I suddenly feel incredibly vulnerable.

But I find I need a piss. I see the bathroom door is open down the hall. This is ok isn’t it? Is he here? Is he watching? OK, well, nervous wee time it is. As I proceed down the hall I pass the open door to the playroom, and I stop briefly to look in. It’s all dark, with a single spotlight illuminating a metal chair in the middle. It’s just as I’d hoped and my dick twitches.

I quickly use the toilet, and head back to the playroom, take a breath, and step in towards the chair. I see a pile of gear, and some more instructions:

Sit on the chair.

Cuff your feet to the chair legs.

Put in the earplugs, then the hood.

Cuff your hands behind you through the bars in the back of the chair.

The ankle cuffs are leather straps with a simple buckle and they go on easily. As I bend down to cinch them up, I notice I have a huge erection that pokes me in the stomach. Hi there. Still in charge I see.

I roll the foam earplugs up and stuff them in. Sounds are dulled, and I notice how quickly my heart is now racing.

I pull the leather hood on. It just has a mouth opening, but it smells like nothing I’ve tried before. Pure bondage. All the guys that have been in it before. It’s heaven. I fumble with the laces – I’ve never done this before – and it feels like an age to get it done all the way up. I tug on the ends of the laces and feel the hood envelop my head, the last traces of light disappear, and the remaining ambient noise shut off.

I click the handcuffs on one wrist, reach behind me and feel for the other end. I pause. This is it. Once I do this up, I’m stuck here, no going back. Click.

I sit there in the still darkness. All I can hear is my own heartbeat, and I can feel my dick twitch in time with it.

God this is so stupid. What have I done.

How long have I been here now? A minute feels like an hour.

Still I wait. My breathing is rapid in anticipation. I can’t hear anything. All I see is black. Come on…

Suddenly a hand is exploring my body and I gasp. The hand rubs my hooded head to calm me down, then moves to my dick. The gasp becomes a moan.

My leg straps are released, and the handcuffs undone, I’m pulled up out of the chair and pushed up against the cold steel scaffolding bars. I wince, but leather straps are quickly applied to keep me in place. My cock and balls are bound up with some kind of rope, which makes me extremely sensitive. I feel lube applied, and suddenly I’m in a different plane of horniness entirely.

The next few hours are a blur and no text can describe really describe them, except to say that at the end, the hood is pulled off and I see the sweaty, lubey, spunky mess of myself in the mirror. I am briefly disgusted by myself, then I look over and catch the face of my – until now – unseen captor, and he smiles.