Chastity Fun

A weekend of perversity I think :)
On Sunday, I went up to play with two chastity “slaves” who are mutual keyholders for each other. Had a fabulous time with ChainedMale and Boi C – I hope they did too :)
Got to try on a few different bits of chastity gear, as well as being chained up and played with. Woof :) I’m now a little torn in my choice of chasity device:
– Go for a belt design:
These do look and feel exceptionally horny, but I think are possibly too bulky to wear (for me at least) and cost a fortune. I’m sure if I found the right design, the former problem wouldn’t be too big a deal.
– Go with my original idea of a chastity tube:
Smaller, easier to wear and to some extent, more secure. Not as expensive (c.$300 perhaps) and more to the point, that’s why I had my piercing done…
I’ve convinced myself – I reckon that once I’ve stretched my piercing up a guage size that I’ll go for the tube option. And then, maybe, a belt :)