New purchase

Purchased a rather nice new electro arse toy today – suitable for sphincter stimulation or for your prostate. As I’ve never had electro across the later, I’m looking forward to the nice feelings it’ll create :)


  1. Andrew

    Looks interesting, where did you get it?
    Boyf and I, ok maybe more me, are intrested in getting into electro, but 100 quid for a box plus toys its a bit expensive. is it worth it?
    A x.

  2. Loki

    Well, we have a few bits of electro kit now:
    – An ErosTek 302 control unit. This is a portable, remote controlled box – great for puppy trainig and use out and about :) We bought it from the US, from extreme restraints – it’s expensive but much cheaper than buying it from the UK:
    – Some straps for cock play:
    – Electro butt plug:
    These are about as cheap as it gets – you can get “lesser” models, like TENS units, but having tried these ErosTek ones and the TENS units, the play is much, much better with the propper stuff. It can be really horny and stimulating or more… painful :)
    Go along to one of the SMGays evenings when they’re doing an Electro session and have a go yourself, or get yourself along to someone who has one!

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