Project Pig

Having mentioned it in one of my earlier posts, I was slightly jealous of all those that went because of the amazing venue, however looking at the Project Pig Gallery, I’ve changed my mind.

Not one of the bevvy of rubber & leather clad blokes were attractive it seems – isn’t that pretty much always the case on the fetish scene these days?


  1. Lycra Duct Tape

    I went to Project Pig and the best part is what you did not see in the pictures. Trust me, the pictures did not do justice of the event.
    There lots of hot guys there; they were in the dungeons LOL. The venue is quite nice and there were guys everywhere in rubber, leather, uniform and not much clothing.
    There were plenty of slings, cages, a stockade, mats, open spaces and a watersports area which was very well occupied.
    I think you would have loved it all.

  2. Loki

    Doh! I regret not going now – thanks for making me totally jealous :)

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