Brent Corrigan

Awwww, poor little thing – the story’s long and complex, but he’s essentially being raked over hot coals for appearing in porn for Cobra Video just under his 18th birthday. Ooops. Cobra claim he faked his birth certificate (or somesuch) and are suing him accordingly.

He’s set himself up with his own website, and is making a rather good go of things on his own. I love his site – the photography is great and the really honest blog is refreshing. It all shows he’s not just a rent-a-cock, but actually a rather intelligent and pleasant person with a cute face, nice abs and huge cock to match

So, go visit and go support him.


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  1. Pup Loki Blog

    Cobra Video

    You may remember the controversy surrounding Brent Corrigan, but it seems as though Cobra Video have fucked up again… In an industry-wide email, Cobra Video distributor Pacific Sun Entertainment is urging its customers to remove all DVD and VHS copie…

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