I tried out a catheter on myself for the first time last night – everything went swimmingly (got it in ok). It wasn’t quite as "dramatic" as I expected – there wasn’t an uncontrollable torrent of piss, more of a slow dribble…

Unfortunately, my urethra really hurts today. I think I’ve just scraped it a bit, and it’ll get better in the next day or so.





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  1. jimmy77

    I know the feeling, i was in the hospital and had one and when it got out it hurted for 2 days.
    good luck!!

  2. Cyber Slave

    A friend of mine hasbeen a student nurse for 18 months now, and he’s still only allowed to put in female catheters, and not male ones – it’s far riskier with males, there’s lots more damage you can do, especially to the prostate … be careful! :-)

  3. Pup Loki Blog

    Pissing Glass

    My cock seems to have repaired itself, thank fuck. So, now I can play again – I think i’ll take it easy for a while though…

  4. Lycra Duct Tape

    Ouch indeed…Hope you feel better soon.

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