Loki Professional Services ™

Firstly this page is not:

  1. An invitation for ‘wanky guy with a camera’ to come into my life
  2. An offer for paid services (you can’t pay me for a session)

What this is though is confirmation for other content creators about my verified sites:

I am not explicitly looking for collaborations but I do end up playing with people from time to time who do have paid sites and this is a useful way to handle the releases by tagging me in any joint work.

Generally I prefer TFP (we all work for free and share the output) and am happy with setting exclusive content/periods and teasers with agreement from everyone involved. But if you have an amazing venue or shoot idea that needs (eg) studio contribution then let me know anyway, I just want to have a fun and authentic shiny time with everyone.

I will always post my content for free here and on my socials, but there may be some early access and live streams up on the fan sites.

And if you want to chuck me some change if you like all the resources then that would be super appreciated too.