Fisting First

Yesterday, my master graciously allowed me to play with another boy, although this time I was trying out my topping skills :) The only stipulation was that I wasn’t allowed to cum, which was fine.
The boy has a very hungry hole and wanted lots of big toys. I secured him in the sling and offered him a gas mask full of poppers – which he’d never tried before (and I think he loved!). I put some porn on, then opened him up with our inflatable ass balloon, and got him pumping himself up as I sucked him off.
After a while, we swapped to our biggest plug, which we call the “christmas tree”, as it’s very long and has three ever expanding sections to it. That went in no problem (I cannot take it all yet!).
After a break, I slipped on a pair of gloves, and lubed his hole up with plenty of boy butter and my fist slid in :) It felt pretty good to me (and to him!) as I rotated my hand around and then punch fucked him.
So, I’ve fisted someone for the first time – which is good, it was nicely to learn on such a pretty boy with such a nice hole :) It just remains for me to get a fist up me now!