Training Update

When we got back from Hard On on Sunday morning, I promised my master that I would totally change my behaviour. Up until now, it has definitely been a more “regular” relationship (which is good), but I am determined to be a good slave boy to my master.
From now on, I always address him as “Sir” – although there have been a few slip ups. I hope my master always corrects me if I make mistakes though :) Yesterday was the first full day of the new slave Loki and it was very enjoyable – every time I said Sir or Master it made me feel really good (contented in fact) – and not just in a horny way :)
I took more pleasure from servicing my master’s cock last night and ensuring that not a drop of cum was spilt as I sucked him off than many other things. After I was done, my master graciously allowed me to cum also, however I would have been more than content in simply curling up at his feet.