Dog days

Yesterday evening I had been wearing my collar around the house, doing the dinner and so on.
Sir & I went to bed and I fell asleep in my collar – for the first time in my life I slept incredibly soundly with it on and work up feeling very pup like.
I serviced my master (he did not allow me to cum of course, but played with my balls and spanked my arse) and then made him tea. I felt very satisfied.


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  1. alan stuart

    what’s the story with j/o and not cumming? what’s teh pleasure with it for you and for your b/f?
    apart from that I love reading your blogs … pitty you don’t put some more pics of you two …

  2. Loki

    It’s not so much wanking and then not cumming, more no wanking at all. It’s a control thing – *he* dictates if I’m allowed to cum.
    Of course, I’m not always good at obeying hence the desire for some more permanent form of chastity. Again, not for cum denial but cum control.

  3. alan stuart

    is this control expand beyond cumming to arse plays? what exactly do u do as a pup?

  4. Loki

    I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at, but the domination side of play should dominate all aspects – I don’t pretend I’m good at being a sub though.
    Are the puppy pages not expansive enough? What aspects need “fleshing” out? :)

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