My favourite shop

Having been shopping in the fantastic Fettered Pleasures yesterday, I’ve learnt that Islington Council are requiring them to obtain a sex shop license.
Not only does this cost £11,500 for the application, but then there’s all the costs and restrictions that go with it – like the requirement to have a second door inside the shop, not opening on Sundays and the restrictions on keeping alcohol on the premises. And that assumes they get it – if they apply & fail, they have to close down straight away.
The craziest thing of all though is the reason they’re required to obtain a license in the first place. OK, they sell items of a sexual nature but although ropes and chains are counted as sexual; hoods, blindfolds and sensory deprevation items aren’t! If they rebranded as an ironmongers, I think they’d get away with it.
I really, really think this country needs to have a serious redrafting of this most rediculous relic of Victoriana.