Pornography in the USA

Hot on the heels of the propsed UK legisalation comes word of a new crackdown over the pond.

The new attorney general has promised a new team and a huge wad of cash to investigate, not terrorists or governmental corruption and fraud, but internet porn. According to a leaked memo, this would mean any sites where the content "includes bestiality, urination, defecation, as well as sadistic and masochistic behavior".

Again, the main point is that these sites feature those involved in consenting behaviour – I’m sure that kids are unable to just happen upon them either. If they do, then their parents should be taking responsibility in controlling their browsing, either through direct supervision or by using some parental control software (this site is labelled with the ICRA tags which work in most browsers without additional software).

Dearest Americans, may I just point out that the whole reason you left England in the first place was to escape religious dogma, not to setup a right wing Christian theocracy just over 200 years later.

[Originally from Ars Technica & law.com]