A life changing experience?

Last night was rather eventful.

I met up with a Domme (female top for the uninitiated) who took me on a magical mystery tour of my inner psyche. It was rather emmotional – no doubt helped by lubrication with alcohol and some spliff.

The long journey has now started in order for me to find my inner submissivness. For a long time, I’ve been a pushy sub, always topping from the bottom. It’s going to change.

I did get in rather late last night (well, technically this morning) – in the past I’ve always complained at my Master for doing similar, that’s going to stop as well. It has been one of the biggest bones of contention in our relationship thus far.

I will certainly enjoy the tutorage of my’Lady (for that is how she is addressed) – there is no sex involved (obviously) so it is a purely BDSM relationship – sort of teacher and pupil if you will. My only concern is that I want need to be a good sub/slave/boi/pup/boyfriend to my Master, and this takes priority over anything else in my life.

I’m concerned that I will not be able to devote sufficient time to my’Lady’s service – I will obviously write an entry here each day as she has requested, but I doubt that I will be able to see her in person more than once a month for the moment. I know my’Lady understands that work and family are necessary requirements in life.

After last night, I have a lot of thinking and learning to do, and I could really do with some time to think it through fully.