Yesterday evening I spent most of the afternoon padlocked into my butt plug harness; but with an electro butt plug inserted and with electrodes attached to my cock and balls.

I love electro play, especially with our Eros Tek unit, which is remote controlled. It can either be very pleasurable or, as today, painful in varying degrees…

The Eros device has a training levels mode that delivers a mild shock when you push one button, a rather more painful one at the push of a second and a severely painful one that gets worse the longer you hold down the third button.

Sir took me out into the park in the afternoon (fully locked into the butt plug harness) and delivered a few mild shocks and then announced he wanted to see what would happen on the highest level. I think I yelped out loud a bit, but it definitely felt as if someone were squeezing my helmet very hard. My sphincter contracted around the electro butt plug quite painfully as well.

Thankfully Sir didn’t keep his finger on the button…

I wore the plug & harness all afternoon and early evening (about 5 hours in total) which was very nice – Sir occasionally administering shocks to chastise me, but more often for his amusement; as is his right of course :)

After I made Sir dinner, he suggested some hair removal with tweezers. I was strapped down onto the bed, but even some k didn’t help with the pain; it was quite unpleasant. After a while of my moaning through the gag, Sir stopped, flipped me over and used the electro gear on a more pleasurable setting…

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