I am an idiot

Yesterday evening I finally plucked up the courage to stretch my piercing up to the next gauge size (3.2mm). I had the taper all lubed up and it hurt like hell passing through, but I got there in the end. 

Unfortunately I hasn’t realised that the recessed end of the taper was too small to accept the internally threaded barbell. I tried to push and shove it through, but it wouldn’t go and only resulted in blood & pain.

I gave up in the end, but it’s now resulted in a broken cock again. I’m going to order more appropiate hardware and try again next week :)



  1. Lee

    You seem to have more down time than up thesedays, poor lad

  2. Loki

    It was all entirely self inflicted, so don’t feel too sorry for me :) All fixed now anyway – I’ll need to pass the taper through a few more times to stretch it up enough to get the bar through – not really looking forward to that!

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