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Custom cock sheath

It’s been a while since I’ve written a long-form post so I thought I’d do a home-brew-kink instructional for a change. I’d wanted to create an anatomical cock sheath for a while as all the ones available on the market are either a pain to get on, look horrible or are simply the wrong size …

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A yummy new Speedo suit :) The launch video has some good looking guys in the suit too… But £320? Ouch. []

Devilish accessories

I’m really liking this Devil’s Tail butt plug – just the thing to go with a bright red rubber suit and wear to Torture Garden:) I actually saw it in a porn clip where some straight boy was sticking it up himself… :p


I just saw the new chastity offering – seems to offer a better fit, but I don’t really have £100 to splash on the off chance… Anyone want to let me know how they get on? :)

Chastity gone awry By all means use a padlock for chastity, just don’t superglue it shut.

Lycra arachnophilia

Despite the fact that the film was shit and that Toby Maguire doesn’t do it for me on any level, I went to see Spiderman 3 yesterday. Purely for the sexy lycra action you understand. I did really like the new black spidey suit and Toby did look better with dark hair and eyeliner in …

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Stretchy piercing

I’ve just stretched up my frenulum piercing up to 3mm (from 2mm) and this time it went really easily; I had trouble trying to do it 8 months or so ago. It’s not obviously any bigger as the balls on the bar are the same size, but a closer look shows the, er, "aspect ratio" …

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Rubber dogs

Firstly, apologies for the total lack of words or pictures of late. I really must try harder – I shall give myself a severe spanking later. When I saw this item, I couldn’t stop dribbling – I absolutely must have one! It’s a rubber sack with hood that forces your arms and legs to be …

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Yuletide gifts for a perve

Of course, if you fancy sending any of these my way… ;) Let us start with the DVDs: The all-time classic with prosthetic nipplies A rather depressing and arty look at the BDSM & HIV worlds: A new one on me, although it does feature girlies:   Some books: WOOF! and Grrr! The story of …

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Collars to die for

I’ve come across Axsmar who are a German (one man?) company that make metal BDSM items – mainly collars, but also wrist/ankle bracelets and rings. They custom make every collar and you can customise them – the permanent locking ones are interesting :) The titanium ones are fabulous – blindingly expensive!

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