Lycra arachnophilia

Despite the fact that the film was shit and that Toby Maguire doesn’t do it for me on any level, I went to see Spiderman 3 yesterday. Purely for the sexy lycra action you understand.

I did really like the new black spidey suit and Toby did look better with dark hair and eyeliner in his Emo moments.

Where can I get one of those suits (and the muscles to go with it)?


  1. jimmy77

    You can find such a spiderman suit at http://www.zentaishop.com for €70,00.
    When can will you give us an update on your gallerie puploki? I’m looking forward to that!
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  2. loki

    Looks good, but it’s not /quite/ as good as the real thing ;)
    I know, I’ve been terribly slack of late with any new content! I haven’t really played much either.
    Cross fingers that might change in the near future :)

  3. Fred

    That black suit makes him even sexier…

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