Hard On

Last night we went out to Hard On for its first outing at its new venue, Hidden.

First impressions were good – lots of powerful air conditioning, lots of bars, some nice chillout areas with comfy seats. Better still was the outside "terrace" complete with some little Thai ladies making Thai food and serving tea & coffee – given this was the first fetish event at Hidden, I dread to think what they made of hundreds of rubber-clad perverts (including several fucking outside if front of the snack bar!).

Sadly, I feel that Hard On is still let down by two things: the new play space is potentially huge, but still only comprises a few slings and fisting stools. You can fist anywhere there’s a fist, an arse and a tub of Crisco – why not use the space to setup a playroom with kit that people don’t normally have access to? A St. Andrew’s cross, vac racks, some electro, bondage wheel?

Secondly, it’s the perennial problem of young perverts – fetish clubs are mainly composed of naked, hairy old men with their cocks hanging out. My main problem with gay men is that they seem to think a manky old jock is sufficient – I tried hard with some very nice rubber jeans and pewter rubber top. In my mind, wearing only a pair of old man pants does not a fetish outfit make. Girls make much more of an effort and look fabulous as a result. Come on boys, please try harder :)


  1. mutt

    Yes, a vast improvement on Crash, even though I never managed to find the terrace!
    Have to disagree with both of those points. If you’d been fisted you’d know it’s *not* the case you can be fisted anywhere. Although some people can and do, not everyone are that open (or in fact that stupid) Try an experiment next time – try to shove a large dildo up your arse while people are pushing past you and knocking you around and let me know how it goes. It’s a great idea in theory to get some bondage gear in there, but as soon as you have any restraints you run foul of health and safety and fire regulations. Didn’t you notice the restraints had been removed from the stools?
    As for the fashion police statement, I’d rather go to a venue where people are actually into doing perverted things and are some good at it rather than go to yet-another standing and modelling venue (which hard-on has always been dangerously close to becoming). Where do you draw the line? Not young enough? Not good-looking enough? You’ll rapidly find that you yourself are excluded. Or are well-dressed fat hairy old men acceptable? Sorry, I prefer S&M to playing dress-up!

  2. loki

    Well, each to their own I guess :)
    I wasn’t slagging off anyone for going there in particular, I just had high hopes and they were dashed…
    I’m with you on the need for *some* privacy and space for those having their arses worked – it’s strange that they chose to do it in such a claustrophobic place as Hard On :)
    Strange about the restraints and things being removed – how can places like TG and other venues get away with having full-on dungeon spaces?

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