Which speculum to buy…

I’m getting back into stretching my arse again now that I’ve taken the biggest toy I own. It’s only 2.5″ in diameter and I’d like to take bigger. Enter the specula!

The first up is from Meo:

Looks quite scary!


The second is from XR:


Given that both are roughly the same cost (the XR one is a little cheaper even with postage) and that the XR one opens wider (!), which one should I get? Answers on a postcard please!


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  1. AYE

    the xr seems your best choice. what toy did u use before?
    good luck

  2. Loki

    This one: http://www.rob.nl/amsterdam/shop/media/A163_TIBERIUS.JPG
    It’s about 3″ at the widest bump.

  3. aye

    I got the brutus (which i still find difficult to take..) one from Rob. Its slightly smaller than the tiberius.

  4. Cooper

    the XR one looks like a better beginner choice..? I gotta say, they both look hot though! :)

  5. Loki

    beginner ????? ;)

  6. Lycra Duct Tape

    Alex, you always amaze me :-).
    That is a very cool toy though, the one from XR looks good! Need an address for a postcard, LOL…

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