Wanted: hard or soft

Oh dear, a rather pretty gay-for-pay Falcon performer has been arrested for murdering his employer… It does seem that he was a bit confused in the head and “hated” the gays.



  1. Tim

    Thats sad that things come down to that. Some people just don’t know how to deal with problems sometimes. Atleast he was caught.
    How often do you make it over to the Black Tulip?
    Have a good one

  2. Loki

    It is quite sad isn’t it? Hopefully he can be helped rather than incarcerated for the rest of his life – I’m not sure I’d envy his prison life though!

  3. Tim

    Sometimes it wouldn’t be bad. It is sad, he needs help rather than years behind bars. We need to try to help people fix their problems, rather than let them rot in a cell and try to fix them on their own. Or not even come to terms with having problems.

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