Getting toppy

I’ve noticed that I’ve started to become more and more toppy of late. My last two or three BDSM play sessions all involved me topping guys and last night I even had my boyfriend tied up, muzzled and fucked senseless..

This isn’t entirely through choice although I’m not complaining too much. Can my christmas wish this year be that I get some long sessions with a wonderfully equipped master in a huge playroom?

Pleeeeeease? :)


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  1. mutt

    Shouldn’t that read ‘master in a wonderfully equipped huge playroom’ or were you right the first time? ;)

  2. Loki

    Bit of both – are you offering? ;)

  3. mutt

    Aww – was about to ask the same thing!

  4. Loki

    Of course it’s an offer – who wouldn’t want to get their hands on you? :p

  5. Lycra Duct Tae

    You lucky boy :-)

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