That Folsom fair poster


Apparently the lunatic right are up in arms over this homage to Da Vinci’s "The Last Supper". They seem to want to make as big a fuss over this as the Prophet Mohammed cartoons.

Are they more upset about the homos, the S&M, the black (naked) ‘Jesus’ or what? If they’re complaining about a sacrilegious depiction, why not complain about the Da Vinci original, or the arguably equally homoerotic and sadomasochistic film, the passion of the christ. And let’s not forget that Da Vinci may even have been a bum boy himself.



  1. BT

    All of this criticism is fuckin nonsense.
    The depection of hot, leathermen, chowing down and drinking together, coming together in leather brotherhood is really fuckin awesome.
    I just wish these right wingers would get a good screw and leave leathermen alone.
    I know we can handle them. We just wanna have some good clean nasty leather fun together.

  2. Loki

    As has recently been shown, those who shout and protest the loudest often have something to hide :)

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