Nearly free to a good home

  I’m having a bit of a clear out and have a pair of mitts (non locking) and a portable leather sling to get rid of:


The sling is quite comfy, I just don’t use it anymore. Say £20?


The mitts are nice (they don’t have the locking posts like in the picture, but they’re tough to get on and off by yourself!) – they’re just a bit too big for me. They’ve had my paws in them at some stage, but maybe that’s a bonus? :) £10?

I’m also happy to hand them over if you’re in London for a beer or even some play ;)

Mail me if you want them: loki@puploki.com



  1. jimmy77

    I wouldn

  2. Lycra

    I’ll check out those mitts :-)

  3. Loki

    Needless to say, these are both long gone now :)

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