Puppy Tails

I had an email question about puppy tails. Apparently they are a little harder to get hold of these days and some of my links are out of the date :( I’ll fix these in the new year, but here was my reply that might help in the mean time:

The best tails I’ve found are made by "Square Peg" – they’re built to last, are very waggable and comfortable for extended wear. Fettered Pleasured (UK) used to sell them but seem to have stopped sadly. They imported a lot of their stuff from Mr S – they still carry the square peg tail: http://www.mr-s-leather.com/D471.html but are based in the US.

Personally I would spend $90 on it rather than go for any of the inferior types. I’ve come across other tails that don’t stay upright for example – most annoying :)