A good start to the weekend

First, popped to the new RoB to get measured up for a new full rubber suit – yeah, I have loads of rubber already but I wanted a made to measure suit that could stand up to the rigours of play. My red Libidex number looks great but is a little thin and I’m scared of tearing it. The rubber maker, Robert, also says that he still has my pattern somewhere from the last time I had a shorty suit made up – 8 years ago! I wonder if it has changed much :)

Next, booked flights to LA and San Francisco over the summer to have a nice holiday and also to go to the Folsom Fair. Can’t wait to wear rubber outside :p


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  1. Korben

    You’re going to Folsom Street Fair in Sept?? Yay, so am I.
    The only problem with rubber is that last year I got a strong sun tan line around my neck and arms where the rubber was a really good barrier against the sun.

  2. Loki

    Yup :) Booked flights (we are going to LA first then probably driving up the coast to SF) but haven’t sorted hotels or anything else yet. Not quite sure where to stay…
    Have to find an outfit too. Was thinking jeans + rubber top along with my puppy tail sticking out. Maybe mitts and definitely a collar.
    I’m really glad you’re going too and we should definitely meet up :p That goes for any other readers too ;)

  3. Korben

    Lots of places to stay in SF. The first time we stayed 1 block off Union Square, this time we are staying just off Castro St. as we want to be right near the scene for easy staggering distance back to the room!
    Just avoid Fishermans Wharf!

  4. Loki

    Well, hotel is booked. It’s located on the appropiately named Nob Hill :)
    Just 214 days to go!

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