Slave Contracts

Recently I’ve been writing up a slave contract between myself and my owner and I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve picked up whilst doing it. There are plenty of examples floating around the web but I don’t think anyone should just take a sample and use it as is. Think of a slave contract as a pre-nup or wedding vows. Everyone’s will be different. I’ve attached the one I ended up writing so you can see what I ended up with: Slave Contract

Important: I Am Not A Lawyer, although I do have a penchant for sexual legislation in general, and I don’t think that any slave contract would stand up in court (in fact there was a divorce case in which a slave contract featured – personally I wouldn’t like such a thing aired in public!).

A lot of people in a D/s relationship (and I use the term to encompass every variety) don’t feel the need to have a written contract, and that’s great. Some people may want to use a slave contract as a temporary tool so that a weekend scene can be conducted with boundaries, or as a gift between people that don’t normally have a 24×7 D/s relationship. You might also use it in a State where same-sex, polyamorous or alternative partnerships aren’t recognised. In this latter case you will probably also want more legally-solid documents in place like a will and power of attorney – consult your solicitor :)

The things I think you should cover:

  1. Terms
    Define yourselves (which can be tricky) so are you boy & Owner, slave & Master?
  2. Duration
    How long is the contract for? Open ended or temporary (set start and end times in that case)? Who can break it (and how – safeword)?
  3. Scope
    Where the D/s situation can take place – public and private or just at home? Ultimately most subs have to work and have a vanilla life with friends & family who may not understand a slavery contract. Maybe you can have a trigger word? Should the submissive wear something to mark them as property, e.g. a locking collar or chastity.
  4. The submissive’s roles and duties
    What are they responsible for? Housework, running the household (bills, shopping), cooking, laying out the Master’s clothes, maintaining toys etc.
  5. The Master’s responsibilties
    Keeping the submissive safe and well (physically & mentally), the sub’s attire, deciding on hairstyle and body modification.
  6. Sex
    Is the sub free to play with others? If so, what restrictions (safe sex, asking permissions etc.)? Can the Master include others? Is it the duty of the sub to find others? Is the sub permitted to orgasm by themselves (again, chastity required)? What scenes are acceptable and what are not?
  7. Property
    Does the sub give away their belongings to their Master? Does their body become their Master’s property?
  8. Punishment
    What circumstances will the submissive be punished and what form will the punishment take (spanking, caning, cage time, orgasm denial etc.)?
  9. Volition
    Both parties should sign and it should be witnessed if this is a major life changing contract leading to 24×7 slavery. A video interview might be also be useful.