Folsom Berlin 2017

We always enjoy going to Berlin and even more so during Folsom in September, even though it’s been a couple of years since we’ve last been during Folsom weekend itself.

What’s great about Folsom is the street fair on the Saturday – lots of of people all in gear, drinking beer, shopping, and eating wurst. What’s bad about it is what makes is good – it’s sooooo busy at times. Lots of the events, bars and evenings have queues and it can be quite difficult to meet up with everyone you want to.

And that brings me to one of my failings in life – I rarely seem to find time to play at nights, or with people in towns when there’s a big event on. I’m not sure why this is though, but perhaps it’s because most temporary playspaces just aren’t as good as ours at home, and I’m lazy?

Berlin is a bit of an exception though, at Quälgeist it’s a veritable playground. So with that in mind I thought I’d write up some of my goals for a couple of weeks time:

  1. Meet lots of people at the fair!
    I’ve already got a hitlist:



    If you’re not on it, give me a shout! It would be great to meet up even for beer & currywurst.
    Outfit: weather dependent, probably leather.

  2. Go to Qualgeist on the Friday night.
    Get tied to the bondage table and get groped by strangers.
    Do some public tying of something cute.Outfit tbd.
  3. Go to Lab’s rubber night on the Saturday night.
    Brave the piss pit with some other yellow fans.
    Fuck something twinky and random.
    Force @emsedonyk to service strangers.Outfit: yellow rubber, of course!
  4. Go shopping.
    That rubber doll outfit from Fantastic Rubber is calling…
    Go to Gear and all the other places around Fuggerstrasse.
  5. Do some public photography.
    I’d love to get some arty shots out and about in gear. Want to help?


We’ll be there Friday through Monday so lots of opportunities for relaxed catching up on the Sunday, when everything else is closed! Hit us up!