I’ve recently been mulling over getting a tattoo – not that I’ve mentioned it to anyone yet, let alone my master. This is the first public outing.

I don’t want any ordinary tattoo either – I want something that shows I’m owned. Collars are great, but they’re uncomfortable to wear, or at least sleep in, and they do rather show at work (I wear t-shirt and jeans normally).

I have a Slave Register Number – 000-275-771, and I want to work this into my ownership tattoo. Firstly, the slave register themselves have my number in barcode form:


Secondly, I can take the same number and just create a regular EAN barcode (the 2672 designates that this code is an internal or private one – therefore, I can be sure I’m not labelled as a tin of beans or something):


Lastly, I could create a pawprint and append the slave register number beneath it (use your imagination for the number). This has the added advantage of conveying my puppy side as well, but is less "objectified":


 I’m thinking of a combination of 1 & 3, so something like:


But maybe with a bit of tweaking and on a slightly cuter scale. Thoughts in the comments if you would be so kind :)

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